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Healthy Joints and Inflammation


When I talk to my Denver City Rolfing clients about joint health, the topic of inflammation always comes up. It helps to have a strategy. As we age our joints become sluggish. Manual therapies like Rolfing can be a great way to help keep your body moving.

In addition to a change in diet, natural supplements can reduce pain and inflammation. Work with your healthcare practitioner to determine dosage, efficacy, and potential drug interactions and side effects.

I recommend adding these 4 – All Natural Ingredients to everyone’s diet.


The anti-swelling components in this root are called gingerols. These strong antioxidants can help halt cytokine production.


For centuries, this tree’s resin, frankincense, has been used to treat inflammation. Modern studies confirm its ability to inhibit swelling. Boswellia is available as a capsule, tablet or in topical creams.


The anti-inflammatory agent in turmeric is curcumin. This compound interrupts NF-kB activity and heads off the release of cytokines. Only 3% of turmeric spice is curcumin, so most clinicians advise supplements.

Green Tea

The phytochemical EGCG in green tea is another potent antioxidant that holds NF-kB at bay. Most prepared green tea drinks usually don’t contain as much of the phytochemical as a cup you brew yourself.

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