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For clients who come into my Denver City Rolfing practice asking, so what exactly is Rolfing Structural Integration?

Rolfing is a hands-on method of rebalancing the body that has helped thousands of people find relief from pain, more efficient ways of moving, and more comfort in stillness. 


Rolfing Works – As the experience of a million people and numerous research studies have demonstrated, Rolfing produces profound and lasting results for people of all ages and at all levels of well-being. Overall, after receiving Rolfing, individuals report that physical and emotional stress becomes a far less threatening element in their lives.

Posture and Alignment

posture-perfectAs the connective tissues release and lengthen during a Rolfing session, you will sit and stand straighter and taller with less effort. You will breathe more easily and fully. You will look and feel lighter.



Aches and Pains
acheYou are likely to have less pain and tension in your body as it becomes more balanced and symmetrical. Rolfing allows bones and muscles to do their proper jobs. As the body opens and lifts with the support of gravity, chronic pain and tension fall away.

flexibilityYou will experience greater ease of movement and a wider range of motion in the joints, often to a remarkable degree. Older people appreciate the sense of youthfulness that results from Rolfing as earlier movement patterns are restored.

performanceYou may experience dramatic improvement in the effectiveness and efficiency of your movements. You will use less energy for any given movement and perform that movement with greater ease and power. A freer, more responsive, and more comfortable body will support you in every aspect of your life.

Stress and Emotional Health
StressYou may experience considerable psychological growth as hardened postures are released through Rolfing and the emotional history stored in your body is liberated. Rolfing clients find that as resiliency and responsiveness increase in the body, the personality becomes more dynamic as well. The trapped energy is freed up for more creative approaches to the challenges that life presents; emotional tightness and psychological rigidity transform along with the body.

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